Go Read This (and come to a show)

I was just over reading a photo essay by Isaac Marion called Nuclear Summer that has some awesome shots inside a cooling tower. I think from the Satsop Nuclear Power Plant (but I could be wrong). You should go check it out. But that is not what I am suggesting you go read in my post title. What I am suggesting you go read is Issue #77 at BurningBuilding.com titled “Money Miracles!” It is stinking hilarious. Really, go read it now, you will laugh. I promise. Or your money back.

Ready for a segue?

Isaac’s brother is Nathan. Nathan runs BlueTree.org (an organization that helps bands help kids in need) and BlueTree Records a cool recording label. A past BlueTree Artist is Late Tuesday. Late Tuesday has a new CD out called Drowning Out Love. This coming Thursday, they will be having a CD release show at Western Washington University’s Viking Union at 7:00pm (doors at 6:30pm, $7/$5 for students). It should be a great show as it has been a while since Late Tuesday has performed. If you have heard their stuff, you know you want to come. If you haven’t heard their stuff, check out their website for some tunes or do a Late Tuesday search on my blog (I have lots of pictures and music to share). Once you do that, then you will want to come. Basically what I am saying is, it is inevitable that you will come to the show. See you there!

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