Late Tuesday at the Viking Union

Last night Late Tuesday released their new CD Drowning out Love at Western Washington University’s Viking Union. Sadly the two pictures above are the only ones worthy of posting (and even those didn’t turn out very well, but still clickable for larger versions). I wasn’t really in a picture taking mode and I wasn’t in the best position to take pictures either, so there ya have it. I have taken many pictures from their previous shows that can be found by doing a checking out my Late Tuesday page (with links to pictures, video clips, music, and lyrics).

The show was awesome. It was great to see the lovely ladies together once again. Their new stuff sounds really good and I look forward to getting into the CD. I am heading to Seattle for the extended weekend but I will probably be posting a review of Drowning out Love early next week.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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    You’re invited too. Please read my post from Thursday. Don’t miss the comments. :)



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