The Lonely Forest at Chop Suey

I ended up staying a day longer in Seattle so I was able to catch The Lonely Forest‘s performance at Chop Suey. Boy was I glad I went because, once again, the show was amazing. Not only that, but they played a bunch of new stuff that I hadn’t heard and sounded great. I find myself getting pissed that they play a lot of new stuff because I want to hear it again! They need to get their new project out! Yes, I am selfish. Thankfully I can tide myself over with their two available EPs.

I have created a Lonely Forest page so you can easily find other pictures, video, music, and lyrics from The Lonely Forest.

So on with the pictures (sorry, no video this time, my battery was about to die, and they are, of course, clickable for larger versions):

The boys of The Lonely Forest: Tony Ruland, Braydn Krueger, John Van Deusen, and Eric Sturgeon. And, good Lord, look at Braydn’s hair!

John Van Deusen on vocals on keys

Braydn Krueger on drums

Tony Ruland on electric guitar

Eric Sturgeon on Bass

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