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If you are in Washington State, you should head over to Sound Politics tonight for state wide election coverage. I might be updating this post as I see new information… but Sound Politics is better. :)

When I was driving home from Longview yesterday I saw a very strange political sign on an overpass. First, is asked: “Want Change?” Apparently their answer would bring change: “Vote Democrat”. This seemed like a very strange sign to me in Washington where, especially in King and Pierce counties, a good majority of the incumbents are Democrats. So it seems that if we wanted change, we should vote Republican… I would especially note this for the US Senate race between incumbent Maria Cantwell (D) and challenger Mike McGavick (R). I would definitely advocate change there! I guess I am just not a fan of her “personal issues” and big spending…

[UPDATE] Ok, I didn’t really update. Oh well, you know the results… republicans took a beating. Pretty sad really. But that is democracy. Things swing. I think the only one I am actually upset about is Cantwell beating McGavick. That is no good. But, again, that is life. I am not too worried about it. 2008 will be an interesting year![/UPDATE]

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  1. Nancy
    November 8th, 2006 at 09:33 | #1

    Matt, I love you - but have to disagree with you on the McGavick thing. He would have been horrible and Cantwell has done well for Washington State. You honestly think he wouldn’t have advocated big spending?? Look how he burned the Safeco employees. He is all wrong. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that Burner can beat Reichart (sp???)! Isn’t it nice to have differences of opinions but still care for each other ?;o)
    PS - still need a Christmas list from you!

  2. November 8th, 2006 at 13:41 | #2

    I would have to disagree that Cantwell has done poorly as a senator. She has been extremely ineffective: out of 108 bills sponsored, she has passed one; she has cosponsored 879 bills (which is a lot compared to other senators); she has 84 sponsored bills that have never come to a vote (again, a lot compared to other senators); she has given a huge number of speeches (68) relative to other senators and those speeches have relatively higher word count (1481). This means she is all talk and no action. She doesn’t get anything done but she likes to talk about it. This site also spells out her poor vote record as well.

    I was also annoyed with her ads (like I was with most politicians) because she attacked McGavick. I think he responded well with defensive ads but he didn’t really go on the offensive. And again, Sound Politics has a lot of things to say about her (although I guess it is all moot because the race is over!).

    As far as McGavick goes, I don’t completely agree with everything (but that will never happen with any candidate). If he hadn’t fired the people at Safeco the company would have failed… effectively firing everyone. It sucks to have to fire people, but sometimes in order to save a company it has to be done.

    I don’t know too much about McGavick’s personal life (he seems to be a good family man) and I am sure he isn’t perfect (he did have a DUI in ’93), but I also can’t stand the fact that Cantwell is the “other woman” in the middle of a couple’s divorce (she also “loaned” quite a bit of to him - some of which was most likely from campaign funds). That is completely inappropriate for someone who is supposed to be a role model - and I must say that if she was a republican that story would have been all over the news.

    I find politics quite interesting but to tend to try and keep it at arms length because of its divisive nature. I am quite glad that our family, with our diverse positions, can still love and care for each other. What kind of family would we be if we couldn’t?! Love you!

    PS. I will try to get a list out soon!

  3. Nancy
    November 8th, 2006 at 14:21 | #3

    Matt, I have to say..one thing about you I love the most is how you stick to your convictions and really study them. Even though we disagree on politics (one of my least favorite subjects) I am proud of how you stand up for your beliefs. You are an A-1 nephew in my book!!!

  4. November 9th, 2006 at 01:10 | #4

    :) Thanks. I think it is important to study these things when possible. It helps to strengthen convictions and sometimes even change them!

  5. Jake
    November 18th, 2006 at 02:13 | #5

    Here’s the word on the roadsides of California. A simple, straightforward banner:


  6. November 18th, 2006 at 17:55 | #6

    Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen. :)

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