Final Thoughts on the 2006 Elections

I will keep this brief. And not talk about it any more. I promise. I have been really impressed at how the majority of conservative bloggers have been handling the election’s onslaught. Yeah, there have been the jokes and stuff, but it seems that the majority have dealt with it well. To me, this is another example of the larger mentality that often separates the “right” and the “left”: Republicans more often than not are dealing with the reality that we have been given and try to do the best to make it better. Liberals tend to try and map reality onto what they want to see. But that doesn’t work so they often just look like whiners (or worse: incompetent). From past indicators, I have no doubt that if the Republicans had done much better, the liberal bloggers would be scathing right now. They would be bashing the right (well they will keep doing that). They would be complaining about broken ballet machines. There would be conspiracies. Of course this is all supposition, but if the past is any precedent… I guess I am just saying that I am impressed with the blogging right. Okay, no more on the elections.

[ADDENDUM] So this post makes me seem much more harsh than I really am. :) These are, of course, huge generalizations. Thanks to Julia for pressing me on the issues in the comments and feel free to read some addition to my thoughts there. I do actually like people who vote differently than me (as many in my family can attest to)! :) [/ADDENDUM]

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  1. November 9th, 2006 at 09:34 | #1

    Go ahead: tell us how you really feel about those liberals, matt :)

    I agree, most Republicans I’ve spoken to have been a bit quiet after that “thumping” (as stated by President Bush). I respect that.

    With all due respect, brother I have a small thing to say … generalizations and assumptions (among others, using the words “liberals” or “conservatives” to group people into two camps) rub me the wrong way. It’s that messy lumping that makes me hate politics to my bones. It’s that uncharitable stereotyping from both sides that makes me think that nobody understands the words they’re using. It’s rhetoric. It’s a way of slamming a group of people and getting away with it. I often say I’m “sticking up for the other guy”, and I usually do it to remind people that politics does not give an excuse for unloving behavior, disrespect, and/or group-bashing. I’m here to say… treat people as individuals. Don’t generalize. Don’t assume. Don’t give in to that “us vs. them” mentality that is ripping our country apart.

    Again, that is more of a rant against an attitude than of you, friend. I hope you won’t take offense!


  2. November 9th, 2006 at 13:01 | #2

    It’s a gross generalization of course, but the conserative/Republican bond isn’t as tight as the liberal/Democrat one.

    The conservative bloggers (which tends to include a lot of libertarian-types) are fairly unhappy with the Republicans leading to the lack of upsetness that we see, IMHO.

  3. November 9th, 2006 at 14:00 | #3

    Thanks for pushing me on this one Julia (and I definitely don’t take offense)! When it comes election times I tend to think more black and white than I usually do because I usually have a black and white option.

    My comments are HUGE generalizations and I know definitely don’t apply to everyone (or even the majority?).

    Often times it can be easy to say “the right = conservative = republican” or “the left = liberal = democrat”. I do promise that I am not using the words in a pejorative sense, but be that as it may, I really shouldn’t be equating them because I know there are so many nuances (and often negative connotations associated with them for different people).

    I think it is hard around election time because we do usually have two choices so we come back to the black and white issue. And contrary to what the last to posts suggest I am actually not “really right” or “very conservative”. I, of course, lean right but have a lot of moderate inclinations as well.

    What it comes down to for me really is that feeling I seem to get about “conservatives” and “liberals” when it comes to reality. And that tends to make me lean more and more to the right. Whatever that means. ;)

    It’s a gross generalization of course, but the conserative/Republican bond isn’t as tight as the liberal/Democrat one.

    I definitely agree with that. While it is still a generalization, I think it tends to be much easier to equate “the left” to “liberal” to “democrat”.

    The conservative bloggers (which tends to include a lot of libertarian-types) are fairly unhappy with the Republicans leading to the lack of upsetness that we see, IMHO.

    Good point. A lot of conservatives are just as unhappy with many of the republican leaders as the liberals are (although probably for different reasons).

  4. November 9th, 2006 at 14:30 | #4

    I appreciate your responses and both individual insights. Perhaps because I could call myself a “Conservative Green”(yet again another phrase that is so broad you could hit it from 500 miles away with a good spit), I feel like the “strictly bi-partisan” system we have going right now doesn’t allow for a fair enough balance. I’d like the independant/third-party voices to be heard. I’d like it to not be assumed that a Republican or Democrat were your only choices if you wanted to pick someone who had a chance of winning… You know? then perhaps we wouldn’t have such a black & white issue every two/four years. It would be more about the issues than about the two party platforms.

    Of course this is the rant of a girl who barely knows anything about politics and shudders at the mere thought… but I hope I’m not shouting ignorant things here. :)

  5. November 11th, 2006 at 19:19 | #5

    I hope you don’t mind a comment from a lazy non-voter.

    I agree that democrats were pretty sore losers in the past (non-mid term) election but don’t you think the Republicans are pretty sore losers when it comes to losing judicial battles. They blame everything on radical judges. I think that is disrespectful of our political system.

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