Late Tuesday Says Goodbye

I never know when to post show information. Too soon and everyone will forget, too late and calendars will be filled up. So here is my best shot at getting the word out. So don’t forget!

The date is fastly approaching: The lovely ladies of Late Tuesday will be performing their final show together on Groundhog’s Day, February 2nd in Bellingham, WA at Bakerview Auditorium (location). The show costs $7 and can be purchased at Christ the King Community Church, Village books, online at Upfest ($1 extra for the delivery), or at the show (but you might want to get them ahead of time!). Show is at 7:00pm and get their early!

This show is going to be amazing for numerous reasons. First and primary is of course that this is the last time Dana, Tara, and Jocelyn will be playing together (well, except for any reunion tours of course!). After 7 years, 4 full length albums, a Christmas EP, and numerous delightful live performances, they have decided to break up for various reasons. Anyone who has enjoyed their music should be there to show your support! Because this is their farewell show, they have invited some amazing bands that they have played with over the years to share the night. This has me pretty excited because two of the four bands are two of my favorite bands, one is another incredible band that is coming out of retirement for the day, and one I have heard is also pretty talented.

You ready for this line-up? Late Tuesday (MySpace, My Late Tuesday blog page), The Pale Pacific (MySpace, My Pale Pacific blog posts), Mindhead (MySpace), The Lonely Forest (MySpace, My Lonely Forest blog page), and Corbin Watkins (MySapce). Can you say epic? This is going to be an incredible night of music that will be hard to beat. I just hope the show is really long! Plan on being there, how can you not?

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