Mud Football!

After Christmas I was invited to take part in the annual Dameron family (and other Montesano families) mud football game. I hadn’t been able to come before so I was pretty excited. I was not disappointed. It was a good mix of skill and… well not so much (me being the later category). The day was perfect for the time, nice and cool and extremely wet. One of the moms took some pictures and video clips (so none of them are actually mine, but you can still enjoy them) so you can enjoy the mud too! The full set of pictures can be found at Flickr: Christmas Mud Bowl 2006.

The gang
Here is the gang after a long, fun game.

The winning team… not really sure what we are doing (picture 1). A little of the dirty action (picture 2).

More Mud Bowl 2006

More mud football!

If you have MySpace, you can check out two other videos here.

We were extremely muddy and enjoyed every minute of it!

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