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On Completing my First Year of Teaching and Going to Greece

June 25th, 2009 1 comment

I don’t know how it happened, but I survived my first year of teaching! Tillicum has been a great place for me and I have really enjoyed teaching there. My colleagues are great and the students have been a blast. Somehow Bellevue worked things so they didn’t have to lay anyone off (RIF) so I have my job back next year; same place, same classes! How incredible! I posted a few pictures of the last few days at Flickr: Last Days of School 2008-09. My class pictures are also below!

Since I found out I had a job, I also hopped on board Boutry and Kim’s travel plans to go to Greece! Tomorrow morning I will be heading out for 20 days on an adventure to Greece and Germany! I will visit Kos, Crete, and Athens, then head over to Boutry’s place near Frankfurt and venture out from there. You can view my itinerary here at Google maps. I have never been to Greece and am really excited to go! I will try and send updates if I can. What a great way to end a fun, difficult, tiring, exciting, and a number of other adjectived year!

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Late Tuesday returns for a night at the Triple Door

June 8th, 2009 2 comments

After two and a half years in retirement, the lovely ladies of Late Tuesday will be performing a show at Seattle’s Triple Door! Dana Little, Tara Ward, and Jocelyn Meyer will be teaming up once again to share their melodious tunes with us at the always delightful Triple Door. Reserve your seats now before they fill up! Cost is $15 and goes to benefit Fremont Abbey Art Center‘s youth programs, so that’s cool too. If you are a Facebook type, check out the event page to RSVP (but still go buy tickets at Triple Door).

I hope to see you there, I am looking forward to seeing the ladies together again! Is it strange to still have a crush on Dana? Ok, don’t answer that.

Check out my Late Tuesday page for other various Late Tuesday stuff from the past.