The Silver Chair

The Silver ChairYes, I am preaching next week. Yes, I have a book review due next week. Yes, I will be gone this weekend for Erin’s graduation. Does that mean I can’t read a book of my own choosing? I think not!

This is my sixth post in my read through Clive’s Narnia series. (Other posts: Magician’s Nephew, Lion, Witch, Wardrobe, Horse and Boy, Caspian, and Dawn Treader.)

In this adventure, Friend of Narnia Eustace brings along a new companion, Jill, to help save King Caspian’s son, Prince Rilian, from the wild north. One of the more odd, yet enduring, characters in this story is Puddleglum. His dry pessimism can be weighty, but his faith and strength saved the day. The evil witch attempts to take control of our heroes and convince them Aslan does not exist, Puddleglum’s faith in Aslan brings them all out of her control.

The story is a fun adventure that takes us into the land of giants and the underworld of the strange Earthmen. It is a quick and enjoyable read that furthers the Chronicles. The pure faith in this story makes for an interesting contrast with the beginning of the final story, The Last Battle, as the Narnian creatures are willing to believe an imposter who performs evil deeds could possibly be Aslan.

I want to point out something Aslan says early in the story:

You would not have called to me unless I had been calling to you.

Wheter you recognize it or not, you have been called. :)

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  1. Courtney
    March 21st, 2006 at 23:45 | #1

    Hey! This is book #4, right? I love the theme of obedience that is also
    present. I see myself in Jill and Eustace, and how easy it is to get distracted and forget what God has said.
    However, doing things “my way” actually makes things harder and causes more problems than if I has just listened and submitted to God in the first place.
    Anway- I love all the Narnia books. I just don’t know how you find the time to read them. Consider me jealous.

  2. March 22nd, 2006 at 12:37 | #2

    Hey Courtney! Well it can be #4. It the series I am reading, it is #6. They were published in this order: LWW, Caspian, Dawn Treader, Chair, Horse, Magician, Last Battle. But it is purported to be the case that Lewis wanted them read in this order: Magician, LWW, Horse, Caspian, Dawn Treader, Chair, Last Battle. The main thing here is if you want the mystery of the creation of Narnia to be known right at the beginning or if you want that to come later.

    I think we are definitely all in Jill and Eustance: we can often find the bravery when we need it, but we all too easily get destracted by other things and just do what we want.

    I find the time to read them two ways: 1) I am only taking two classes and 2) I am REALLY good at putting what I should be doing off. ;)

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