New WTC Collapse Video

I suppose this shoud have been posted on September 11th, but I wanted to talk about 2996 (which you should still check out). There is also a delicate balance of what is appropriate in talking about this. It is important to remember and discuss but to also move on and heal. That being said, there is some new video floating around the net of the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.

The couple that filmed the fateful day had this to say:

5 years ago today, wewatched and filmed the attack on the WTC out ofthe window of home, 36 floors up and 500 yards away from the North Tower. Releasing this tape was a difficult decision for us because of its emotional andpersonal nature, andthe potential for misuse. We feel, however, that our unique perspective has an important historical value,and shows the horror of the day without soundtracks or hype often seen in other accounts. Please be respectful of the contents ofthis account and be aware some may find the scenes on this video very disturbing. Please share only in its entirety.

Bob and Bri

They apparently released the video on Revver, but I cannot find it there so I have uploaded it to my server if you would like to download it. I am not really sure if that is ok, but I will leave it up until I am told otherwise. The video [NOTE: VERY large file (71.5 MB), .mov/Quicktime file, 26:29]: New World Trade Center Attack Video. If you don’t want to dwell on the past, understandable, don’t watch it, but it is hard to “get over it” when the images are so tragic. It brought back a lot of memories of that day, pretty sad stuff.

Also (via Ace), here is another very emotional set of images from 9.11 that are hard to look at, but worth remembering.

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    September 14th, 2006 at 10:59 | #1

    Wow….I don’t know what else to say….

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