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The Soup NaziCome back one week! Next!

Today (Friday) I will be headed down to Seattle for a weekend of music (come join me!) and then down to southern Washington to go for a week of camping at Swift Reservoir (see some pics from last year’s trip) with the fam (including this crazy kid). I know it is sad, but you, my faithful readers, will have to live with out me for an entire week! Horrible, isn’t it?

Luckilly for you, I have had some pretty interesting posts lately, if I do say so myself! Heh. Since you came all the way over here, you might as well check them out and I will be sure to respond to any comments as soon as I return. Feel free to see my Random Acts of Verbiage Archive to find something of interest to you or, for your convenience, I have selected a few posts that you might enjoy and/or hate… both of which provide equal opportunities for discussion and comment:

  • A Sense of Scale: The Solar System - a look at the relative sizes of our system’s planets and a number of different stars.
  • Creation Science - A brief look at why I think, as a Christian, Creation Science is off the mark. The Big Bang, chemical, stellar, and planetary evolution are actually pretty consistent with scientific findings and don’t actually contradict Genesis. The comments have been good and I would love to keep the discussion going.
  • Pluto is not a Planet - Pluto was demoted, not because of new scientific findings but because it does not fall in line with the new definition of what it is to be a planet, mainly because of its unfortunate orbit.
  • Lady in the Water - A brief review of the movie that I, contrary to most reviews, thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Wikimapia - if you haven’t seen this new combination of Google Maps and Wikipedia, you need to!
  • Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise - for all you nerds out there that love to laugh!
  • Uganda’s Invisible Children - an important cause, even moreso now that there is a tenative truce, please check it out.
  • Ok, my list is getting too long. I guess it was a good month for blogging! :) Also, feel free to check out Matt Jones Photography, my photoblog or my Flickr Photostream. Have a wonderful week and I will catch you on the flipside.

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